A walking tour along the center of Yekaterinburg

A walking tour along the center of Yekaterinburg

A walking tour along the center of Yekaterinburg runs through the Historical Square along Iset river dam and town pond levee. The tourists will see “stone garden” from Ural minefields, visit the exhibition of Ural industrial machines of 19-20 centuries. The official city is represented by town council and government house. Itinerary list includes central quarters, green avenues, trade pedestrian streets where modern city life in a bustle.

Extra payment: entrance tickets to Museum of Regional Studies, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Yekaterinburg history Excursion costs:  250 roubles/group + entrance ticket  50 roubles/pers


Walking tour «Fair pictures».  The excursion takes place in the old trade street –Vainera, city Arbat (the popular place for purchases, walking and dates)It has pavement that remembers old history ivents that are important for the city. Except old houses and side streets, townsfolk also will take part in the excursion. All way long the tourists will meet sculpture genre turns from local life: bargainer with a tray, a guy on a bicycle with a huge wheel, a merchant wearing frock coat and a tall hat, a bold driver and amorous couple. All these characters are made of bronze but they are interlaced into city life hustle, that is why the guide’s narration becomes more like a real performance, and street musicians add some theatricality and picturesque to the scene.


Walking tour “Bridges and pavements of river town”.History of Yekaterinburg as a city-plant-fortress and later as the main mining centre is forever connected with the main water artery – Iset river. Bridges and pavements in the historical centre remain the same as 300 years ago (The Historical Square Bridge, Dendrologic Park Bridge, Tsar Bridge). But there has appeared a beautiful grantical levee where every here and there you can see unusual modern time marks, they’re circus cupola in constructivism style, 200-meter tower-transponder- the top-ranked restaurant and amusement complex, a monument  that is devoted to revolutionary doer of Soviet period Malyshev or for instance brand-new Keyboard monument.






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