Cars for rent in St. Petersburg.

Cars for rent in St. Petersburg.

If you want, rent a car in St. Petersburg, you at the right place.

Our company can offer you not only transfers in our city. About transfers, you can read at the next page: There about transfer from/to airport and transfers to the most popular attractions.

So, what about cars?

We can offer you different types of a car:

    • economy class,
    • comfort class and
    • minibus.

You can drive it by yourself. Alternatively, you can rent a car with professional driver.

Hire driver for tours, and only thing you must to do — relax and watch a sights.

There some beautiful places near St. Petersburg, that you can reach only with car. Like a Kronstadt or Petergof. On the other hand, with public transport, of course. However, it is not very comfortable for you if you cannot speak Russian. So, you can choose: transfer with group or by individual car.

Below you can see prices for rent different types of cars:

Car class

Rent cost

Car «economy» class 550 rub./hour
Car «comfort» class from 600 to 1600 rub./hour
Mini bus (max 6-9 persons) 750 rub./hour (minimum order 3ч +1)
Mini bus (max 10-20 persons) 950 rub./hour (minimum order 3ч +1)
Bus (45 — 48 persons) 1350 rub./hour (minimum order 4ч +1)

We have some advices for you if you want planning trip by car on your own. Most of the sights of St. Petersburg are located at the downtown. You do not need a car if you want see all of them. Maybe, with car you will have more problems with traffic and with places for parking space. Therefore, you can see most of them like a Winter Palace, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, Cruiser Aurora etc., by walking tour.

Sights you can reach by car are located at the neighborhood of the city. This is:

Petergof — summer palace of emperors. Very beautiful place with parks, sculptures and fountains.

Kronstadt — little city near St. Petersburg. However, this is big center of Russian navy. You can see battle ships at the harbor.

You can visit Vyborg — little city with classic European architecture. This town passed from hand to hand between Russia, Sweden and Finland.

Even, you can visit Novgorod — ancient Russian town with big castle. From this place, Russian state was beginning.

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