Duration: 8 days/7 nights

Season: July — September

Difficulty: No special physical training necessary

Dates of tour in 2015:  11.07, 25.07, 07.08, 22.08, 05.09.

Cost 640 Eur per person

Extra payment for single room accommodation: 218 Eur.

Day 1: Arrival to Kamchatka. Meeting at the airport. Transfer into Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (30-40 min). Accommodation in hotel. Rest.

Day 2: Transfer into Avachinsky airport in Elizovo town (30 min). Helicopter excursion into the Valley of Geysers and Uzon volcano caldera (6 hours total) with flying around active Karymsky volcano crater and Maly Semyachik crater lake. Lunch during excursion. Return into the hotel. Excursion is carried out with fine weather and is paid additionally.

OR Helicopter Excursion to Kuril Lake. Flight to the Kurilskoye Lake (flight time 1 hour 20 min.). Landing on the cape Travyanoy (Grassy) or near the Ozernaya river head. An hour walking excursion with the guide along the lake shore. Watching the scene of bear fishing and salmon run. About 2 millions species of salmon return to the lake to spawn. The spawning season is the most important reason for the brown bear to appear on the lake. During the first days of fish run even on the bank of a single river within 2-3 kilometers one can meet up to 30 bears catching fish. Helicopter flight to the Khodutka Hot Springs (flight time 40 min.). Bathing in the hot river. Lunch. Departure to the airport  (flight time 40 minutes).

Day 3: Drive on a truck into the volcanic plateau at the foot of Mutnovsky volcano (120 km, 4 hours). In passing: Visiting Viluichinsky waterfalls (Hiking 3+3 km, 2 hours). Rest and lunch at the foot of Vilyuchinsky volcano.

Set up a tented camp near Mutnovskaya GeoThermalPowerPlant. Evening hike into the fumarole field of Dachnye thermal springs (4 km, 2 hours). Return into the hotel

Day 4: Drive into Malki settlement (130 km, 2,5-3 hours). Drive to the Bystraya river. Rafting the picturesque mountain river – Bystraya (3-4 hours). Visiting Malkinskie hot springs. Bathing in natural hot springs. Return into the hotel.

Day 5: Drive to Avacha volcano in volcanic plateau area, between Avacha and Koryaksky volcanoes, located on 900 meters about sea level (50 km, 2.5-3 hours). Excursion walk to the mountain under the name «Camel» (4-5 hours). Return into the hotel.

Day 6: Departure to the moorage. Sea trip in the Avacha bay with entering the Pacific Ocean (5 hours). Observing panorama of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the Avacha Bay. Entering the Pacific Ocean to Starichkov Island named after murrelet birds pronounced in Russian as «Starik», which nest there. Observing of bird colonies, mixed with guillemot, kittiwake and cormorant. Sea calf and antur island seal rookeries are located on the coastal reef surrounding the island. Short time sea fishing greenling, lenok, flat fish. Lunch on board. Return into the hotel.

Day 7: City tour: Visit to local Lore museum. Shopping, souvenirs. Afternoon tour to the Pacific coast. Walking along the sea shore. Return into the hotel.

Day 8: Transfer into the airport. Departure. Return into the hotel.


  • Transfer
  • accommodation
  • transportation
  • excursions, guide’s service, а food at excursions
  • visa invitation and registration.

Not Included:

— Excursions in Day 2 (the cost of the helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of volcano Uzon is about 530 Eur per persons, the cost of the helicopter excursion to the Kuril Lake  about 465 Eur per persons. The price of  2014).

— Meals in the city.

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