Lions of the Sankt-Petersburg

Lions of the Sankt-Petersburg

We have lot symbols of lion in the city. However, now we will tell you about Lions Bridge and lions on the embankment of Admiralty.

So, why lions? Lion is the symbol of king power. Not only in England and Sweden, but in Russia too. Symbol of order and guardian against evil spirits. Pearl under his paw — symbol of secret knowledge.

Most known sculptures of lions in St. Petersburg are situated on embankment near Admiralty. They were set here in 1832 y. Lions made from copper, but sometimes have a promenade. First one in 1913 year when Palace Bridge were building. Last one in 2006 y. City government made whole show. One of lions was get to restoration with ambulance.

Now all real lions on the places. You can see them during tours to Sankt-Petersburg from our company.

Now let us talk about lion’s bridge. He already was built in 1826 year. Moreover, decorated by four sculptures of lions. Bridge lay above Griboyedov channel. His exactly but smaller copy situated in Berlin in Big Tiergarten Park.

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