Conference «The instability of the genome and human disease» 14-17 June 2013

Conference «The instability of the genome and human disease» 14-17 June 2013

Feedbacks from organisators  and participants of conference:

«We are deeply grateful to the company «Rossi Tour SPb» for help with the representative of the international conference» The instability of the genome and human disease. » We started working with «Rossi Tour SPb» remotely (main organizers were in the US) for the year prior to the conference, and immediately felt that no mistake with the choice..

The company has worked for us, carefully, patiently and carefully fulfill our wishes — the choice of venue for the conference and meeting rooms, the organization of meetings, accommodation and food for participants (13 countries) to excursions during coffee- breaks and banquet. All the huge preparation work was done proactively, well, financially openly, honestly and professionally. Communication with friendly, intelligent and friendly staff of the company causes only positive emotions.

The conference, in the opinion of participants, took place almost perfectly, with great success. Employees of the company freely explained in the working language of the conference — English, but you can switch to other popular languages ​​such as German. We have seen that Rossi Tour SPb confidently cope with the inevitable difficulties and no doubt we will trust this company organizing conferences of any level of difficulty in the future.

We highly recommend this company to anyone who is interested in helping during such events. Thanks again, and the further you progress, Rossi Tour SPb!

Feedback from participants of conference:

“We liked the location, the venue, accommodation, the food and overall organization.” “Excellent place for a conference.”

“Excellent facilities. Really nice job!”

“Great hotel and food.”

“Everything was perfect!”

“A conference of very high standard.”

“We need more conferences like this.”

“Excellent location and social program.”

“Thank you for beautifully organized meeting and stay of participants.”

“We enjoyed amazing sightseeing and delicious food.”

“It was fun in all directions…”

“Great conference!”

“Do this more often!”

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