Russia World Cup — Samara

Russia World Cup — Samara

During your visit in the host city, except match, you can see next sights:


As one of the city’s symbols, the image of a goat is found on Samara’s coat of arms.

The Volga

Samara sits on the Volga River, a great Russian river which is also the longest in Europe at 3530 km and one of the largest in the world.

Monument of Glory

Samara is the heart of Russian’s aviation and space industry. Opened in 1971, the Monument of Glory was built to honour workers in the aviation industry.

Cosmic Samara Museum

On one of the main streets in Samara, you can see the 50-metre-high rocket launcher Soyuz-U, which was designed and constructed in this city. The rocket is today part of the Cosmic Samara Museum that was opened in 2007.

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