Russia World Cup — Volgograd

Russia World Cup — Volgograd

During your visit in the host city, except match, you can see next sights:

The Fire Tower

The building housing the first fire department in Volgograd was built in the centre of the city towards the end of the 19th century. It’s one of the few architectural monuments left over from that era.


You can find many high-quality fish in the Volga basin, including Russian * sturgeon, beluga and sterlet.

Volga River

Volgograd was named in honour of the Volga. The city stretches 65 km along the banks of the great river.

Mamayev Kurgan

There’s a hill on the right side of the Volga River, where there was a centre of vicious fighting during the Battle of Stalingrad, the greatest fighting of World War Two. Today this huge memorial site is known ail around the globe for the monument named «The Motherland Calls».

The Central Embankment

The central river embankment is the city’s main walkway. A wonderful view of the river opens out from the main steps.

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