Excursion tour «St. Petersburg in 4 days»

Excursion tour «St. Petersburg in 4 days»

Excursion program:

Day 1
Sightseeing tour around the city with visit of Church of the Savior on Blood
Duration — 4 hours
Interesting tour across St. Petersburg by bus with the professional guide in love with the hometown! The route of excursion includes the best architectural monuments relating to different temporary eras and styles, beautiful Nevsky embankments, majestic palaces, cathedrals and unique bridges. During excursion three stops for survey of ensembles and city monuments are provided: Church of the Savior on Blood (with an entrance inside and carrying out excursion directly in the temple), St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the cruiser «Aurora», Kazan Cathedral.

Day 2
Excursion in the Hermitage
Duration — 4 hours
Unforgettable sightseeing tour on the most important city monuments: Isaakiyevsky and Kazan Cathedrals, buildings of the Senate and Synod, Peter and Paul Fortress, Spit of Vasilevsky Island, Church of the Savior on Blood, Summer garden and others. At th end of bus excursion you visit the Hermitage – one of the world’s largest art and cultural and historical museums which collection totals about three million works of art and monuments of world culture!

Day 3
Excursion to Peterhof
Duration — 4 hours
Peterhof – the most beautiful residence located along the western part of the city on the coast. The huge number of green parks, colourful gardens, majestic palaces and magnificent fountains will subdue the greatness and beauty. Accompanied by the skilled guide you visit the Big palace, its dazzling on beauty and finishing of a hall and interiors (A throne-room, Audiyents-zal, Chesmensky, Dancing, etc. halls, Blue, Kuropatochnaya drawing rooms). Further you are waited by walk on the  park, survey of the world’s largest system of fountains and water cascades (about 114 fountains, 3 cascades).

Day 4
Sightseeing tour around the city with visit of the Peter and Paul Fortress
Duration — 4 hours
The Peter and Paul Fortress is located on the Hare island and is a historical kernel of the city. Fortress was build in May, 1703 according to the plan, developed by the emperor Peter I. The Peter and Paul Fortress was constructed as defensive works, but it never for the history carried out the main functions. We bring to your attention the Ensemble of the Peter and Paul Fortress including Commandant’s and Engineering houses , the Mint, the Main treasury, the Botny lodge, a guardroom and other historical constructions. The special place in ensemble of fortress is taken by Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Excursion is calculated on the small company or a family (4adl + 2 chl till 14 years)

Duration – 4 full days with a lunch break with visit of all sights of St. Petersburg

Cost of the excursion program
797 Eur on 6 people
142 Eur per person

In cost it is included:

Entrance tickets:
— Peter and Paul Fortress
— Church of the Savior on Blood
— Peterhof (park and palace)
Services of the guide during excursion in any language;
Transport during excursions (Miniven to 8 people)


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