St. Petersburg river tours

St. Petersburg river tours

«Something big you can see only from the distance» — said great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin. It we can say about St. Petersburg sights.

You can approach them by the transfer from our company or visit with walking tour. However, if you want see big picture and enjoy all view, you must be on some distance and have wide place. It is possible if you on the water. That is why we offer to you river tours in St. Petersburg.

From the center of the Neva River, you can have a marvelous at the Winter Palace, Vasilyevsky Island or Peter and Paul Fortress. When you are going to the channels in the downtown, you can see beautiful banks of the Moyka River, Griboyedov Canal and others.

You can have different view at the Church of the Savior on Blood. This church was built in the name of murdered Russian emperor Alexander II. In addition, see a lot of famous St. Petersburg bridges. The greatest and smalls.

Have a good trip!

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