The Russian Museum

The Russian Museum

Do you want see pictures of Great Russian painters, such as: Aivazovsky, Bryullov, Repin, Vasnetsov By your own eyes? Believe me, it is not the same with looking on it at the photo.

Place where you can do it, called Russian Museum. In this museum collected art objects, created only by Russians. Collection were beginning from the tsar’s own masterpieces.

Here little list of original famous paintings, that you can see here:

  • Aivazovsky “Wave” and “The Ninth Wave”,
  • Bryullov “Italian noon”,
  • Repin “Barge haulers on the Volga” and “Zaporozhtsy write a letter to the Turkish Sultan”,
  • Vasnetsov “The Knight at the Crossroads”.

However, writing about paintings it is such as talking about music. Come and see. Welcome to Sankt-Petersburg!

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