Tour «Acquaintance with St. Petersburg (excursion program + thematic quest)»

Tour «Acquaintance with St. Petersburg (excursion program + thematic quest)»

Excursion program:

Day 1

Breakfast in hotel, a meeting with the guide on a reception of the hotel. 4-hour individual excursion on the Peter and Paul Fortress with the guide. Visit of Church of the Savior on Blood. A transfer throughout all excursion. Interesting tour across St. Petersburg by bus accompanied by the professional guide (tour is conducted in any language!) During excursion stops for survey of ensembles and city monuments are provided: Church of the Savior on Blood (with an entrance inside and carrying out excursion directly in the temple), St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress (with an entrance inside and carrying out excursion directly in fortress)

Day 2

Breakfast in hotel. Excursion in Pushkin with the guide. A transfer throughout all excursion. Visit of Catherine Palace, the most magnificent of the Russian imperial palaces, by Lyceum where A.S. Pushkin studied. Survey of interiors of Catherine Palace, including halls of the Gold suite and the well-known Amber room. Visit of Catherine Park to see the Grotto pavilion where Catherine the Great had the strongest coffee about 6 o’clock in the morning and Hermitage pavilion. We offer a small stop for purchase of souvenirs and, of course, photos. Excursion duration –  5 hours
directly in fortress)

Day 3

Breakfast in hotel. 3-hour excursion in the Hermitage with the guide. During bus excursion you visit the Hermitage – one of the world’s largest art and cultural and historical museums which collection totals about three million works of art and monuments of world culture! A transfer throughout all excursion

Day 4

Breakfast in hotel. The organization of team building or as it is called now – a quest, for all company around the city to St. Petersburg for 5 hours. This very fascinating action which promotes unity of any company, obtaining mass of pleasure and new emotions, pleasant and useful pastimes, unusual acquaintance to St. Petersburg … We offer participation in a quest «Precisely will carry»: all players share on teams on 4-8 people and receive maps of the city and the first task in which a certain place of the city is thought. All places used in a quest — the informal sights of St. Petersburg having the way it is «correct» to make wishes, organizers tell — you think. The team guesses a riddle and runs into place where they are waited by the organizer and suggests to perform a certain task. After performance of a task the team receives the following riddle. That team which the first will reach a final point wins, having performed all tasks. The subject of a quest is selected individually with the director and with the client’s wishes! A transfer throughout all excursion

The cost of the excursion program – 60 Eur per person(group 20 people)

Cost includes:

  • Entrance tickets in the museums, fortresses according to the program
  • Services of the guide
  • Transport during excursion (the bus on 30 people)
  • Organization of team building


Excursion is calculated on the big company from 20 people (it can be both the corporate company or big group of friends)

 Duration – 4 full days with a lunch with visit of all sights of St. Petersburg and carrying out team building.

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