Tours for Uyghurs!

Tours for Uyghurs!

This spring our Uyghurs group tours on the route St. Petersburg- Kazan — Moscow have began!

The designation «Uyghur» stands for…

«unity» — and it is definitely right. Taken into accaunt a severe history of this nation — the Manchu occupation, the constant struggle with China, the confrontation between Buddhism and Islam… However due to their tight internal self-organization they were able to play an important role in resistance to external aggressors in the period of modern history.

Modern Uyghurs are mostly sedentary, engaged in trade, agriculture, different crafts, but some of them also live in Hunan, Beijing, Guangzhou and other major cities. Folk and artistic components of their culture are very significant — it’s literary and musical masterpieces, miniature painting, monumental buildings have influenced the development of many East cultures.

Thus, reviewing all the fine point and peculiarity of dealing with representatives of the Uyghur people, we have made a tourist program in which each group reside in hotels with Muslim paraphernalia, visit a mosque in Kazan, Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Moreover, we choose Halal menu for the reakfasts, lunches and dinners for them and our professional guides can speak Chinese language professionally.

Our company is interested in making your stay comfortable, meeting all your requirements and attitudes, that is why we are applying individual approach to each our order!

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