Tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Do you know, in Russia we have two capitals? Moscow — official. It is government, politic and business center of the country. St. Petersburg we call Northern capital, Northern Palmyra. On the other hand, Cultural capital. Because here a lot of museums and attractions. Such as,

Actually, in we had more capitals. Kiev — ancient center of the Kievan Rus. Also called — mother of Russian cities. In addition, Odessa — Southern Palmira. Now they are in another country.

So, return to nowadays.

Now Moscow — official capital of Russian Federation. However, history of changing capitals is complicated like Russian history at all. St. Petersburg — was founded by Russian tsar Peter the Great like a new capital his empire in 1703. From this time to beginning of twenty century, many better world architects were building this city. However, after October revolution capital return to Moscow.

Of course, there a lot of museums and sights too. Such as,

  • Kremlin,
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum,
  • Tretyakov Gallery and many others.

St. Petersburg and Moscow — main and most interesting cities in the Russia. Maybe, there concentrated half of attractions of all country.

Our company, «Rossi tour SPb», are concentrated on tours to St. Petersburg.

We can offer you such popular tours, like:

The Tour for foreign pupils and students — «White Nights in St. Petersburg»(4 days)

The Tour for foreign pupils and students – “White Nights in St. Petersburg»(3 days)

More tours you can see at the page: And there a list of sights of Northern Capital:

Tours to St. Petersburg

However, we also can offer you some interesting tours to Moscow:

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