Rent of conference rooms in «Novotel» hotel

Rent of conference rooms in «Novotel» hotel

Making your meetings a success. Whatever type of meeting you are organizing, you can optimize the chances of its success by benefiting from the Novotel network. Our years of experience have let us build a great expertise in meetings organization.
When organizing your meeting, the hotel will be happy to discuss the availability of its facilities and services with you.

Conference-hall «BERLIN»

Conference room «BERLIN» has a classic design with natural sunlight. Area of this room is 50 m2. There are different options of seat-up. The maximum you can accommodate up to 50 participants with seating «theater». The hall is equipped with modern technology: sound / light, audio / video, microphone system, Internet access, projector screen. When combined with a hall «MADRID» possible to organize reception area for 120 guests at a time.

Conference-hall «MADRID»

Conference room «MADRID» on its area of 50 m2 can accommodate about 50 guests. It is quite spacious room with natural light. By changing the arrangement of chairs and tables, you can adjust the number of participants. At the request of the Department of exhibiting and the podium. Available equipment: screen, projector, laser pointer, internet, sound, lighting, audio, video, microphones, air-conditioning. To associate freely with the audience «BERLIN» with an increase in the capacity of participants in more than 2.

Conference-hall «CAMELIA»

Conference room «CAMELIA» — this is a large audience, high ceilings and 73 m2. There is also a natural light. Seating: «theater» and «class» for 70 guests maximum. The staff of the department and the installation of the podium. The room has all the equipment for successful seminars, banquets, trainings, conferences, symposia and exhibitions.

Conference-hall «LILLE»

Conference room «LILLE» — a room with a high ceiling, beautiful natural light and a maximum capacity of 70 people. Type of seating — any. With tables and without. The total area of 83 m2 audience. Present: pulpit, podium, microphone system, projector, screen, internet, audio, video, sound, light.

Conference-hall «LONDON»

Conference room «LONDON» is a room for business meetings. Here at different types of seating can capacite 14 to 20 participants. Modern climate control and daylight, as well as all the necessary equipment, including a system of simultaneous translation, provide a comfortable stay at the event.

Conference-hall «MOSCOW»

Area the conference hall «MOSCOW» is 50 m2. There is a light and modern air conditioning systems. Medium-sized, but visually spacious hall. The maximum content of 50 guests. The equipment manufacturers of advanced printer, laptop, projector, LCD, screen, laser pointer, microphones, Internet access, sound, light.

Conference-hall «PARIS»

Conference room «PARIS» — this is a classic room for 50 guests with all the equipment that is necessary to conduct seminars, workshops, trainings. This room can be easily connected to the hall «ST PETERSBURG» with an increase of up to 120 participants. Technical equipment: audio / video players, laser printer, laptop computers, color laser pointer, microphone system, LCD projector, screen, flipchart, internet access.

Conference-hall «ST PETERSBURG»

This room is identical and symmetrical hall «PARIS» and when combined with the increase in the number it gives up to 120.

Meeting room «ROME»

Meeting Room «ROME» capacites 14 and 20 participants in small workshops, presentations, talks, seminars and business meetings. Oval or «U» -shaped table is available on request. Installed equipment: climate control, audio / video, projector, screen, laser pointer, flipchart, internet.

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