Novgorod the Great

Novgorod the Great

Novgorod, from Russian, New City. Novgorod the Great — one of the oldest Russian cities. Isn’t fun? Actually, in Russia, we have a few cities with name Novgorod. For example, Nizhny Novgorod. Name of this city on Great Russian river Volga means: Lower New City.

So, back to Novgorod the Great. This city was one of the two centers and main cities of ancient Russian country — Kievan Rus. Second one — Kiev. Now it is capital of Ukraine. Kiev has become a capital. However, Vikings, that actually found a country, had come from Novgorod. It is place Russian country came from.

You have two issues to visit Novgorod the Great.

  • First of all. Historical center of the city included to world UNESCO heritage. There a lot ancient buildings from middle Ages. It because Mongolian horde, that destroyed most of Russian cities in thirteenth century, had not came to Novgorod.
  • Second. Common opinion that Russia always was only tsar’s empire or country like that is not true. Russia very big country with long history. Moreover, have all aspects of world history in own book. Therefore, in the Middle Ages Novgorod the Great was republic. Like Venice exactly that time.

Very long time in the fourteenth sixteenth century’s republican Novgorod fought for primacy with strictly hierarchical Moscow. However, won last one.

Another few historical facts about old Novgorod: republic had wars not only with Moscow, but with Sweden too for domination on the Baltic Sea. So, we can say that Novgorod was a prototype of St. Petersburg. First Russians that investigated Siberia were Novgorod’s merchants.

In Novgorod republic were first population census in Russia. It were in the Middle Ages. But, initiated by the census was the Tatars. In that time, Novgorod must pay contribution. All because taxes. However, in defense of Novgorodians, Rome Empire was doing population census with same purpose.

Therefore, it will be very interesting to visit Novgorod the Great. You can touch Russia history. In directly sense. In addition, our company can help you.

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