Payment by bank cards

Payment by bank cards

You can pay for goods/services of our Internet store by a bank card of the following payment


— VISA International

— Master CardWorldwide

Cads issued by the banks located on the territory of the Russian Federation are accepted for

payment (if different – state the countries). Payments are processed by Processing Center of

JSC Bank «PSCB».

Description of payment process

On completion of ordering in our store, to select the method of payment by card on the

respective page of the website, you should press the button “Payment by Card”, and the system

will redirect you to the secure page of the Bank for entering the card details.

After you have fully entered the data and pressed the button “Continue”, the system will notify

you on results of the transaction. In case of refusal of the card authorization, you can repeat the

payment procedure.

Description of data transfer process

Our Internet store does not collect or store data on the client’s bank cards. At payment for the

order by a plastic card, all data are entered on the secure page of the Website of JSC Bank

«PSCB». To make payment, you should provide the data of your plastic card. These data are

transferred with observance of all necessary security precautions via the secure channel

(Protocol SSL 128).

Security of electronic payments is provided at the level of world standards certified by

international payment systems using 3D-Secure technologies: VerifiedbyVisa and SecureCode

of MasterCard. 3-D Secure is used as an additional security level for online credit and debit

cards. This is achieved thanks to the fact that when paying for a purchase according to 3-D

Secure technology, authentication of the card holder is performed on a special server of the

bank which issued the card. For authentication of the client, it is required to enter the password

known only to the card holder. 3-D Secure technology is supported by not all cards. To find out

whether your cared supports these security technologies, please contact Support Service of our


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