Spiderman’s house in St. Petersburg

Spiderman’s house in St. Petersburg

Do you want to see famous house like in movie about spider man? However, not in New York, but in Sankt-Petersburg?

We call this place: Five Corners (Pyat Uglov). Looks familiar, isn’t? This place well known from eighteenth century. In addition, his image presents in many Russian songs and poetry.

Actually, it is not official landmarks, like Winter Palace, church of Savior-on-Blood and others. We do not have standard tours to Five Corners. However, you can visit this place by your own during walking tour in St. Petersburg. Alternatively, make order for private excursion. We prefer last one. What about you? Please contact us.

By the way, it is not first building, that looks alike with his New York’s kin. About house of Zinger Company, you can read at this link: http://en.spbrossitour.com/house-of-the-zinger-company/

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